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The fastest way to grow your business with the leaders on lean in medicine. More Time = More Patients.

The Practice CoPilot Difference...

Proven Solutions:

Everything we do is built off of years of learning combined with the principles of lean; do more with less, less stress, less effort and more profitability.

Affordable Price:

We've done the work to create options that don't break the bank or take long periods of time to recover the investment. click here

Demand Consulting from the leaders in patient flow:

Our team is your team. Practice CoPilot consultants are at the ready to help you interpret your metrics and provide concise guidance on the changes you should make to improve your patient flow.

how you benefit...

  • I can spend more value added time with my patients
  • I can see more patients per day
  • Eliminate patient waiting time and the apologies that go with it
  • It helps me maintain awareness of my staff and availability
  • Helps me grow my revenue by seeing more patients efficiently
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  • I can track staff performance to enable better utilization decisions
  • It provides me metrics that help improve the practice
  • Reduces patient complaints and improves online reviews
  • Helps me prepare for PQRS realities, pay for quality in an era of too few care givers and higher outcome standards
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  • Gives me awareness of where the doctor is located
  • I know which patients have been waiting and how long
  • I immediately know which patient rooms are available
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Products at a Glance

  • Onsite consulting to increase productivity

  • MedVine patient communication and staff productivity tool

  • Zulu Efficient communication technology

What Client’s Say

  • I love the ability to know where my patients are and where I need to go next. Practice CoPilot gives me a real time view of my practice so I don't have to waste time finding my staff when I need them.

  • As a practice manager, it's my job to run an efficient and profitable office. Practice CoPilot gives me reports with the valuable information I need to make improvements in how smoothly our practice runs.