About Us


Practice CoPilot provides a Process Engineering Perspective on how to run a smoother, more efficient, and highly profitable Health Care Practice. We develop Personalized strategies and solutions for each business. At the core of our business is implementation and culture change. We know that the hardest part of any improvement initiative is to implement and sustain, which is why we are there with you every step of the way. Ensuring that implementation occurs successfully, and that your team learns to think differently about your business.


We've spent decades in the medical industry across fields and specialties. Whether in a hospital lab, a mental health clinic, teaching hospital, GI lab or a vision clinic, we've put in the hours to understand the businesses. After many years and learning's in big business, what we finally realized was that in order to truly make a difference in healthcare, we needed to be closer to the practitioners we support as small business owners – thus was born Practice CoPilot, LLC.

Our belief is that in today's healthcare environment, unconventional challenges require unconventional solutions. You will find that our approach is anything but conventional (in a good way). Check us out – if we can help, let's get busy.


Practice CoPilot is built on the principles of Process Engineering. Our mission is to relentlessly seek out waste in your practice and destroy that waste. We're successful when you're more productive, less stressed and more profitable. And we do this with a creativity before capital mindset. Optimize what you have today before making additional large financial investments. Learn More...

"I have to share with you that Emilee called me yesterday afternoon to share how patients were receiving the changes we made to optical…all but one patient purchased yesterday…the patient thought all offices should do this and felt that ours was cutting edge because of it…THANK YOU!"
- Carol Osnes, VP Operations

If this is often how you feel, it’s time to get a different perspective – the Practice CoPilot Perspective.