Practice CoPilot Features and Benefits

It doesn't matter if you are a doctor, an office manager, or staff member in the practice, Practice CoPilot can help improve the level of service offered to each patient.

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Below is a list of a few of the benefits that you get when using Practice CoPilot.

Patient demographics, geographical location and seasonality all have an impact on patient's tolerances for waiting. This feature gives you the ability to customize Practice CoPilot flags based on the conditions of your practice.

Immediately know which staff members you can call on to get quick and efficient help when you need it.

Color coding provides you with an easy and visual way of identifying which patients have been waiting too long so you can adjust throughout the day.

Gaining an understanding of critical patient data before you walk into the exam room helps you focus more of your limited time on the patients needs and providing a thourough exam while focusing on efficiency.

Doctors are the most expensive resource in your practice, knowing where they are and what their availability might be is critical when it comes to improving productivity.

- Dashboards help you make meaningful improvements over time. Confidently know what to work on and have the ability to measure whether the changes you made are having the impact you expected. You can't improve what you can't measure.
- Dashboards enable you to provide feedback to your staff about where performance improvements are needed. Tack the emotion out of staff meetings by being able to focus on the data.

- Forge ahead confidently. Practice CoPilot was thoughtfully designed by experts that focus on process improvement in medical practices every day.
- We have identified the important measures for your so you don't have to spend time measuring things that aren't going to help you identify where the real opportunities are.