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5 Characteristic Effects of a Poorly Designed Schedule

A poorly designed patient schedule template or a schedule that has no design at all but gets filled as you go, can have disastrous effects on how long patients wait, how effectively patients are handed-off to your dispensary staff, and

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When you make an appointment, how likely are you to keep it?

The acts of making and attending a doctor’s appointment are becoming disconnected in today’s world.  Most of us have good intentions, but sometimes life gets the best of us.  That appointment we made 2 months ago for 4pm tomorrow now

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Should you schedule dispensing appointments?

  Many eye care businesses are reluctant to setup dispensing appointments for their patients.  Naturally, eye care business owners worry about creating a situation where they are not offering the utmost flexibility to patients.  In this Practice Management Tip of

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Zulu Raises the Bar With Staff Communication at Gee Eye Care

Missouri City, Texas Dr. Kevin Gee, owner at Gee Eye Care, is no stranger to the technological advances that the Eye Care Industry is constantly experiencing. From writing a technology column for Optometric Management, the leading how-to guide for optometrists,

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The Self Perpetuating Cycle of Missed Hand-offs

Eye Care practices today have no shortage of competitive pressure.  This is especially true on the dispensary side of the business.  Internet sales, brick and mortar competitors down the street, you name it.  They are all anxiously waiting to receive

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Winging It is for Birds – Prep and Thou Shall Be Successful

Don’t be the person that is stranded on a raft in the middle of the Ocean and can’t set off the flares when the big cruise ship comes by, because they didn’t read the instructions. There are just some things

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Is your continuous improvement strategy off track? – 3 telling indicators

The vast majority of healthcare institutions today are actively engaged in some form of improvement journey. A well designed and structured continuous improvement strategy is imperative to developing a transformational culture that drives sustainable improvements in safety, health care outcomes,

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Start Your Day Off Right – Conduct a Daily Huddle.

Conducting a daily huddle is not a new concept, but unfortunately what should be common practice isn’t so common in many of the healthcare settings I visit. Starting the day off the right way provides you with a better opportunity

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Plan, Do, Check & Act

  The best and most successful businesses look at improvement as a standard operating activity, not something viewed as done every several years or dreaded. You’ve probably heard it said, if you’re aren’t getting better, you’re falling behind. To ensure

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I Can’t Have My Technician Do That!

Really? No successful, growing business has ever thrived with one person doing everything. But it’s quite common for business owners to struggle letting go of control. Delegation can be difficult, but when done correctly, makes us all better and more

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