I Can’t Have My Technician Do That!


Really? No successful, growing business has ever thrived with one person doing everything. But it’s quite common for business owners to struggle letting go of control. Delegation can be difficult, but when done correctly, makes us all better and more productive as a team.

Do only what only you can do! We talk to practitioners about this all the time. There are aspects of your business you really can’t let go of, perhaps it’s the refraction, or maybe it’s DFE, but you should pressure test these ideas from time to time. When you do only what only you can do, you empower others around you to raise their game.

Now, it’s not done blindly of course. If you want your techs to check pressures, you have to train them to check pressures. And training isn’t one and done. Take the time to ensure staff fully know how to do what it is you want them to do and then periodically check for consistency and accuracy of the task.

I realize it isn’t easy, delegation is tough at best. But in several hundred practices, I’ve yet to see the first truly successful practice where the doctor does all the work while the staff sits idle doing only minimal tasks.

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