Welcome to Charting your Improvement Strategy

Are you ready to Chart Your Improvement Strategy for the Next Year?

Every year we challenge ourselves to have better performing practices. To implement best practices for our employees. To Implement best practices in healthcare. To sell more. To network more. To provide better customer services. The list goes on.

How will you choose which improvements to make? Which one will you do first? Can you achieve them all? The answer is Yes, but it requires a clear strategy, a plan of action, and a repeatable model to follow. It’s called “Getting the Right Things Done".

During our 2-day Improvement Strategy Planning Sessions our professional advisors visit your practice to understand your ideas/wants/needs for improvement and organize them into a cohesive, easy to follow plan of action for the next six months to a year. This intense process will involve you and your entire team to ensure everyone is onboard.

Here’s an interesting read from the Huffington Post about being organized. It’s time for you to take the controls and make your Practice the most efficient it can be. Give us a call at 904-701-3084.

Benefits of an Improvement Strategy Planning Session:

Help your employees “think and act” like owners by engaging them in the planning and improvement journey.

Develop an easy to follow and prioritized plan to focus you and your staff on getting the right things done.

Learn to leverage the Rapid Improvement Event model as a means to accomplish significantly more continuous improvement throughout the course of the year.