Practice CoPilot Consulting

You’ve been successful at running your business. You’re doing great. But have you ever wondered what it could be? We have what you need to operate a more productive, smoother practice and grow your revenue.

Our Practice CoPilot Advisors combine technical, market and business skills to deliver objective advice and guidance to you and your staff. We’ve designed a set of products below to address any challenge seen in today’s practices. We can help make you more profitable by 20-30% year-over-year. Call us today 904- 701-3084 and book your In-Practice Assessment or Implementation.

In-Practice Assessment: This is your Flight Plan.

A dedicated Practice CoPilot Advisor will personally visit your office to work directly with you and your staff for up to 3 days. During the assessment time, our Advisor will identify opportunities for improvement based on discussions that occurred during the Pre-Work Period. The areas of improvement could be, standardization of core business processes (a business operating system), patient flow, scheduling, training, selling retail products, purchasing equipment/technology, marketing and finances. A final presentation including a Performance Improvement Plan including actionable items for you and your staff to work on will conclude the In-Practice Assessment.

In-Practice Implementation: It’s time for Take Off.

Inclusive of the Assessment product the In-Practice Implementation provides you with the opportunity to have the Practice CoPilot Advisor implement immediately after their presentation of Performance Improvement Plan. Your dedicated advisor will finish out the week at your practice and help you and your staff adjust to the improvements. This is a comprehensive week of discovery and improvements to make your practice more productive and grow revenue.

Rapid Improvement Implementation: A quick trip.

Is there something more specific you want to accomplish? If you’ve identified what you would like to work on within your practice, our Advisors are able to offer support on a multitude of process designs. With our Rapid Improvement Implementation, an Advisor will visit your practice and engage with you and your staff to solve a specific issue. Give us a call 904- 701-3084 to discuss this opportunity.

"I really can’t say enough about Practice CoPilot. I would recommend them to any office that is looking to streamline their operations from start to finish. They have the expertise and experience to help your business succeed."
-Dale Tosland, Olympia Vision Clinic

Do you have a Business Operating System? To learn more click on this image for our white paper.