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Maestro® is the first visual practice flow management tool of its kind. As experienced practice flow consultants in ambulatory care, we know that visual awareness improves practice flow and reduces costs. Maestro® provides you with a simple, intuitive, and easy to use interface. Using iBeacon® technology and leveraging the power of Bluetooth, the location of every patient, staff, and doctor is identified on a customized layout of your practice. Maestro® also delivers a multitude of valuable operational metrics so you can make meaningful improvements to your patient flow and staff efficiency.

With today’s market pressures, running an efficient medical practice isn’t optional. Start your path towards a Leaner, More Efficient practice with Maestro®.


Maestro® was designed by two of the biggest experts in practice efficiency improvement. The features were carefully designed to create a balance between simplicity and power.

  • Customized layout of your practice
  • Patients color coded to match which doctor they are visiting
  • Visual indicators change color from green to yellow to red to signal when patients have been waiting too long
  • Built in algorithms guide you to which patient to see next to maintain optimal patient flow
  • Built in communication tools enable messaging between staff and doctors
  • Mobile app provides a platform to deliver educational content to patients to keep them informed about specific procedures and products


We know that all practices are unique, to configure Maestro to your specific practice needs please think about the following questions:

  • What is the total square footage of your practice?
  • How many total staff members (including doctors) are in the practice each day?
  • How many patient visits take place on a typical day?
  • How many rooms that are used to service patients are in your practice? (ie. waiting room, exam rooms, work up rooms, testing rooms, optical, etc.)

Now that you have thought about these basic questions, let's get started!

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