Lean Practice Management

Lean Practice Management

Lean is a practice management philosophy that focuses on eliminating waste in any operation. In health care, the Lean philosophy defines waste as any activity that does not add value to the patient. In the simplest of terms, value can be defined as any activity that the patient is willing to pay for. If the activity doesn't add value, it should be eliminated, reduced, or optimized so that it can be performed in a more efficient way. Before you can eliminate waste, you have to be able to see it. Practice CoPilot technology gives you the operational visibility you need to find the waste in your practice and destroy it.

The 7 Wastes

The 7 Wastes are at the root of all unprofitable activity within your practice. You may be surprised that up to 90% of the work that goes on in any practice is adding no value to the customers! A key concept in implementing 7 Waste Management is to understand what the waste is and then to eliminate completely (or at least minimize) all non-value added activity.

Here are a few examples of waste that impact almost every practice:

  • Transportation and Motion - Patients and staff moving around more than they need to resulting in non productive effort and work.
  • Excessive Inventory - Carrying more products and supplies than are needed resulting in tied up cash flow.
  • Waiting - Waiting for rooms, instruments, supplies, staff, and doctors. Waiting is the single biggest complaint that patients make on online reviews, but waiting isn't just for patients, it saps staff and doctors of valuable productivity.
  • Over Production - Working up early arriving patients, only to have them wait in the exam room because the doctor can't see them right away. Doing work before it is really needed results in over production and use of resources that can be leveraged elsewhere.
  • Over Processing - Running more tests on a patient than is required.
  • Mistakes - Distractions and inefficient workflow lead to mistakes. Mistakes cost medical practices time, money and patient confidence.
  • Human Resources - Not fully utilizing the staff's experience to make improvements to processes.

Not only can Practice CoPilot help you indentify the areas of waste that are reducing the productivity in your practice, but we can also give you the tools you need to help eliminate wasted time and energy in your practice. In the end, the goal is to streamline your practice in order to maximize your efficiency for each of your patients.