I'm an Office Manager

How Practice CoPilot can help an Office Manager.

As an office manager in a thriving practice, being able to see how efficiently your practice is running is very important. Practice CoPilot can help you understand where your staff members are, what the avilibility of your doctors are, and how long patients have been waiting.

Practice CoPilot helps by:

Tracking staff performance to enable better utilization decisions.
Having ongoing metrics around how your staff is performing in critical operational aspects of their job such as patient facing functions will give you the confidence to make appropriate and helpful practice decisions including staffing levels and cost control.
Providing me with metrics that help improve the practice.
You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Moreover, having the data necessary to show improvements in changes gives you the ability to make lasting improvements and the confidence to know you are on track. Improvements do not occur overnight; early positive indicators help you and the staff stick to the plan.
Reducing patient complaints and improving online reviews.
Unfortunately for you, most complaints begin with a request to speak with you. Patients seldom go straight to the doctor, but rather a staff member. Having real time awareness of patients and their experience in the practice will assist you in heading off potential issues and negative experiences.