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Keep Loved ones informed with HIPAA compliant text messaging

  • Spend less time answering questions on the phone
  • Keeping loved ones informed is a key element in patient satisfaction.
  • Loved ones no longer have to sit in the waiting room for hours to stay connected.
  • Patient's loved ones can now have updates via text message


Surgery center staff receive countless requests every day from loved ones and friends about patient’s status and wellbeing. These inquiries are not only disruptive but often fall short of what is desired. Delight patients and their loved ones by sending automatic updates through HIPAA compliant text messages.

MedVine isn’t just a communication tool, it’s a productivity tool. With MedVine, center staff have “at a glance” status of every patient in the center so they can maintain patient flow smoothly and improve OR suite uptime.

Signing up is as easy as 1, 2, 3
1. Select your plan based on number of procedures or surgeries performed monthly
2. Select how many licenses you need based on how many concurrent users will be on the system
3. Download the application below to your desktop/laptop or Apple device

If you don’t see a plan that’s right for you, call us at (904) 701-3084 and we will build one.

Less than 100 procedures per month$125


Less than 200 procedures per month$250


Less than 400 procedures per month$500


less than 550 procedures per month$687