Welcome to Practice Navigator

Every Practice needs a CoPilot.

There are many sources of data within your practice, and they hold clues that can help you optimize performance and improve financial wellbeing. You can spend days trying to understand all the numbers, and you still might not know what to tackle to drive the business performance you want. And then you have to take action, we know, and that’s why we’re here to help.

We’ve developed the only coaching products you’ll ever need. Each of our products fit nicely with any data collection products you may already use, or we can help you choose the best data collection program for your practice. Let us be your CoPilot.

With the Navigator Program from Practice CoPilot we give you more control with regular communication:

  • We scour sources of data within your practice with powerful analytics to identify opportunities.
  • We provide clear and concise guidance on what to improve and specifically how to improve it.
  • We keep you and your team accountable by managing the improvement timeline from start to finish.

The power behind the Navigator Program is our team of highly qualified Practice Advisors that have extensive industry experience and analytical backgrounds. When you sign up for a 1 year subscription to a Navigator Program that best fits your needs, a Practice Advisor will be dedicated to your account. Our practice advisors work closely with you and your staff through phone calls and emails on a regular basis. Their proven ability to identify opportunities and develop and implement solutions will give you the control you need to run your practice effectively in all aspects of business.

Benefits of the Practice Navigator Program:

Focus your limited resources on the things that count by providing specific actions.

All actions are tied to a financial business case and measured through your performance data.

Actionable improvements that you can make right away.

Relevant to your goals for success.

A plan without a timeline is only a suggestion.

Practice Navigator Program Levels:

Practice Navigator Pro-Re-Nata

This is a great opportunity to tap into a Practice Advisor on a one-time basis to provide actionable strategic advice. A robust review of your metrics as well as business goals, objectives and challenges by our Practice Advisor will ensure that your substantial call will provide you with a Performance Improvement Plan. Following your call and review you will have access to your dedicated Practice Advisor for one month to ensure that you are able to implement with ease.

Practice Navigator Business Class

Do you ever feel like you need an extra hand? This is the program for you. With 8 scheduled calls with your dedicated Practice Advisor, you get the extra hand you need without the overhead. Your Advisor will delve into your metrics and develop customized Performance Improvement Plans. They will also set up goals and track staff performance, helping you with staff accountability.

Practice Navigator First Class

Up here in First Class, your Advisor will delve into your metrics and develop customized performance improvement plans. They will also set up goals and track staff performance, helping you with staff accountability. With Unlimited interaction your Practice Advisor will help implement specific initiatives through staff training, schedule template development, policies and procedures, patient flow redesign, confirmation process redesign and more. This is the DreamLiner of Packages.

It’s time for you to take the controls and make your Practice the most efficient it can be. Give us a call at 904-701-3084.