Success Story in Minnesota

Practice CoPilot Takes Eye Clinics to the Next Level

Minneapolis, Minnesota “We have needed a major overhaul for a while now but no one we hired seemed to be able to accomplish what we desired. That’s when we learned about Pratice CoPilot,” said Angie Varness. At first, no one had more reservations than Varness, Yankee Eye Clinic office manager. After 15 years of experience with the clinic she had seen a handful of failed attempts from consultants who just couldn’t deliver the results that the practice wanted. These let downs led Varness to be very skeptical when Yankee Eye Clinic and Rosemount Eye Clinic owner, Dr. Russ Ones decided to enlist the help of Practice CoPilot. Practice CoPilot is a company by Tony Milian that specializes in lean practice management consulting as well as products that enhance high quality patient encounters through cutting edge technology.

Once a lean assessment was performed, Practice CoPilot’s Team implemented various new components to the office’s current routine in order to increase production and to increase efficiency throughout the office, especially at the front desk, which was one of Yankee Eye Clinic’s biggest problem areas. They were struggling with gaining complete control of patient schedule flow.

Practice CoPilot first implemented a new schedule that aligned the doctors and provided the practice balance and flow, then redesigned technician work to be consistent across technicians for what is completed and time. Next on the list was to map out and tape off the optical lab area and dispensary to provide a consistent location for all jobs beginning with intake through dispensing. Everything including tools had a specific location denoted by tape and labels. Finally, Practice CoPilot moved work at the front desk and check out areas to allow the front desk employees to be more patient focused and manage office flow.

“By gaining control of the practice’s daily schedule, it made for a more positive attitude throughout the clinic,” said Varness. Yankee Eye Clinic now had control over what days they would schedule patients to come in depending on the services being performed. That way you could fit as many services into a day as you could.

“I wanted to make sure that I increased patient flow without compromising patient care. It was important that the patients still felt like they were receiving quality care, even though they were receiving the care at a faster pace,” said Milian. Practice CoPilot was able to cut staff patient care down from 30 minutes to 20 minutes, which increased productivity by allowing more appointments to be scheduled in a day. Before Practice CoPilot, on a busy day Yankee Eye Clinic would see between 20-24 patients a day per doctor and now with control over patient appointments, doctors are seeing between 25-30 patients on a normal day. “With all of the successfully implemented processes in full swing, I think Yankee Eye Clinic could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was happy to lead them there,” said Milian.

“I was skeptical at first but Practice CoPilot really did turn me into a believer. I liked how they didn’t try to fit us into a mold. They would offer suggestions on how to resolve problems but then bend his suggestions to accommodate any comments or concerns we voiced to them. You felt as if the team had just as much invested in the company as you did. Yankee Eye Clinic Family is better and stronger because of Practice CoPilot. “

Practice CoPilot is a company dedicated to assisting healthcare practices, delivering efficient and high quality patient encounters through cutting edge technology and efficient Practice Consulting. For details contact Practice CoPilot at (904) 701-3084.