Success Story in Oshkosh

Practice CoPilot Gives Some Needed Insight to InSight Eye Care.

Oshkosh, Wisconsin “They confirmed what I felt was going on,” stated Dr. Ryan Ames, Optometrist (not sure if he’s this or ophthalmologist or something else) at InSight Eye Care, about Practice CoPilot, a company specializing in lean practice management consulting. Two years had passed since the office had merged with another eye care facility, and with newly combined staff and doctors it was time to address the practice’s patient flow issues. InSight Eye Care has been the leader and preferred provider of quality vision care products and personalized optometric services in the Oshkosh area since 1972. “Patients expect quality care as well as a great experience. They wanted to be treated well throughout the optical exam. We knew it was time to improve upon our current processes to keep up with competitors. It’s important to distinguish yourself,“ maintained Laurie Kleveno, Office Manager at InSight Eye Care.

A practice assessment of the InSight Eye Care was conducted. The goal of the analysis was to increase the efficiency of patient flow and encourage growth while eliminating waste. For the assessment, two days were dedicated to observing the office staff and doctors in their daily routine. Patients were also monitored carefully as they flowed throughout the practice. Kleveno didn’t hesitate to state, “In my experience, when consultants come in to assess an office, staff will tend to get nervous. From the moment the Practice CoPilot team stepped inside our office, they put each staff member at ease. They were easy to talk to and made everyone feel included in their assessment. The staff was very receptive and willing to make the necessary changes that they recommended.”

One of the main issues addressed in the assessment was practice flow. “After careful observation, I noticed that precious time was being wasted by the technicians in the pre-testing area. The technicians were asking patients some of the same questions as Dr. Ames would in the exam room. This overlap was unnecessary,” shared Tony Milian, Pratice CoPilot owner. Practice CoPilot immediately eliminated these repeat questions, which in turn shortened the total exam time by six minutes. With two doctors at InSight Eye Care who each have on average twenty appointments a day, that’s a total of 120 minutes that were shaved off of each doctor’s day. This time savings allowed for more patients to be seen daily while still maintaining the personalized eye care services that InSight Eye Care is known to deliver to its patients. Productivity significantly increased by getting rid of this wasted time. “Having a fresh set of eyes in the practice for a few days not only confirms many of your suspicions, but also sees things you never expected. Practice CoPilot was able to find inefficiencies that you are unaware of when you are busy taking care of patients. Having an unbiased opinion of things is invaluable,” declared Dr. Ames.

Another problem facing InSight Eye Care were patients arriving early or late for their appointment. After listening to guidance from the Practice CoPilot team, a new late policy was implemented and early arrivals were not taken back before their scheduled time. If patients were over ten minutes late, their spot was forfeited and a new appointment was immediately rescheduled. Front staff would try their best to accommodate these patients by making them aware of any openings within the hour that they could wait on instead of rescheduling their appointment for another day. These policies were the first step to combatting scheduling issues.

At the end of the practice assessment, Dr. Ames was extremely pleased with the results from Practice CoPilot’s newly implemented improvements. “The team at Practice CoPilot have a great understanding of optometric practice logistics and challenges. They not only identify short comings in flow, layout, and staffing, but provide insight on who things can be improved. Their time in the office was well worth the investment. I would recommend Practice CoPilot’s assessment to any practice that’s looking to see more patients without compromising patient care.”

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