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What is Zulu?

Good communication is the cornerstone of running an efficient business. Zulu just made business communication that much more efficient!  Zulu by Practice CoPilot is designed for efficient office communication.

Create pre-scripted messages for repetitive actions. Ex. "Nurse needed in exam room 4" or "Retail specialist needed in electronics dept."  Setup customized responses like "On my way" or "I'm busy, please try someone else." Zulu's pre-scripted messages feature reduces the need for typing in lengthy phrases every time communication is needed. 

Setup groups so you can message entire groups when you need broader communication. Ex. "Nursing Team", or "Paralegal Team."

Zulu can be completely customized via the Zulu admin panel to fit your specific business needs.

Zulu by Practice CoPilot, also offers the advantage of messaging between different platforms. You can send messages from your desktop computer to an employees mobile device and vice versa. This feature enables employees that need to be mobile to not have to be glued to the computer to send and receive messages.

All you need is a wireless connection and a free Zulu admin account. To get started download the desktop app from our website or moble app from iTunes  or Google Play store and then  setup your admin account by clicking the "Buy Now" button.


Setting up Zulu is as easy as 1,2,3

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Step 1

Setup your Zulu account with 30 days free trial

Small Business
Maximum 9 Users per Plan $540 Per Year


Mid Sized Business
Maximum 20 Users per Plan $900 Per Year


Large Business
Maximum 30 Users per Plan $1200 Per Year


Step 2
Download Zulu app to all devices

Step 3
Log into your Zulu administrative panel to set up office.