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Prepare for practice take-off and land your first client

The 6-Figure Private Practice program provides you with all the business systems, a customized website, and expert support for a profitable practice with a steady stream of cash-paying clients.

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The Problem You’re Facing

You want to start a successful practice but are afraid you won’t be successful

You are reaching burnout

You’re not happy with your current work environment and you feel an urge to start a practice for a better life.

You have the right to make money

Despite being told the opposite, you’re allowed to make great money and provide client-centered care.

Uncertainty is Holding You Back

Right now clients are provided to you and you’re afraid to give up this steady paycheck.

Meet Your Guide

Julia Schwab LMFT, licensed therapist based in Los Angeles

Drawing from my own journey of transitioning from agency burnout to a successful private practice within six months, I comprehend the courage it takes to venture into the unknown. Let me be your guide in achieving this transformation in just three months, using my expertise to overcome challenges and build a profitable practice while addressing your concerns and uncertainties along the way.

This program ensures you land your first client by the time you complete.

How You Get Your First Client in 12 Weeks

Setting up and Establishing Your Practice

You’ll be guided through business formation, obtaining an EIN / NPI, smoothly transitioning from your full-time job, determining timing, budget, attracting clients, and securing HIPAA-compliant software for your practice.

Mindset of a Business Owner

You’ll overcome Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt, cultivate a growth and abundance mindset, build unwavering confidence as a therapist-entrepreneur, and prioritize self-care to prevent burnout, and build a community of support to lean on so you don’t feel alone.

Marketing Mastery and Client Attraction

Developing a marketing strategy for a therapy practice can be overwhelming. You’ll be helped in defining your niche, attracting your ideal client, and building a referral network. We create an online presence complete with a website optimized for search engines to maximize your impact.

What Our Therapists Are Saying

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Toby Barron LCSW

Private Practice Therapist


Working with Julia to build my private practice set me up to feel confident about client referrals and business structure. She thought of everything that would never have occurred to me. Now that I’m up and running, all that planning is just constantly showing up as income and stability.

therapist 3

Parsa Noroozian

Registered Psychotherapist


Julia helped me start doing the work that is necessary for developing and maintaining a private psychotherapy practice; beforehand I didn’t know where to begin, but as I took sessions I gradually integrated the business maintenance work into my daily habits and it has been paying its dividends

David Hoxsey LCSW

David Hoxsey LCSW

Medical Social Worker/Therapist


I’ve worked with Julia and received help from her about many things including case consultation and practice recommendations. She is professional, incredibly smart, and she thinks of things I haven’t. I really enjoy talking with her and hearing what she has to say because it’s consistently insightful.

How to Build Your Cash Pay Practice

Quick Consultation

Schedule a 15 minute one-to-one consultation to determine if our program aligns with your needs and goals.

The 6-Figure Practice

In our 12-week program, you’ll be guided to establish best practices, marketing essentials, and a client attraction system that ensures your success in launching your practice.

Land Your Client

At the end of our program, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to have a full-fee private practice and a steady stream of clients.

Standing At A Crossroads

Staying at an Agency or Launching Alone

How the 6-Figure Private Practice Is Going To Change Your Life

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Your Success is Our Mission

We understand the potential roadblocks on your path to private practice success. That’s why we’re here to offer solutions and support every step of the way.

Therapists like Parsaa, who launched their private practice and attracted a steady stream of cash-paying clients through our program.

He increased his client base by 67%, implemented effective business strategies, identified his ideal client, perfected his message to potential clients, and made a positive impact on his clients’ lives.


Private Practice Blueprint

Your step by step guide to create a thriving counseling practice from the ground up.

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