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Female Therapist Speaking To Group At Therapy Section

The Importance of Networking for Private Practice Therapists

We often see the word networking and automatically think corporate, stiff business suits, and briefcases. The word networking used to make me cringe and want
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Notepad with Word Budget and Dollar Bills

Business Essentials for Aspiring Private Practice Therapists: Establishing a Business Bank Account and Creating a Budget

As a private practice consultant, I understand that venturing into the business side of private practice can be both exciting and overwhelming. Many of you
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Comfortable armchair in therapist's office

Embracing Your Journey: Overcoming Fear of Failure in Order to Start Your Private Practice

For a lot of therapists, starting a private practice can be an exhilarating and fulfilling experience. However, it is not uncommon to encounter the fear
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psychotherapist in an office set up to give consultations inside her home

Transitioning from Agency Work to Private Practice: Why It’s Worth It!

Making the leap from agency work to establishing your own private practice can be both exciting and intimidating. While agency work offers its own set
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Man thinking about his life during a therapy session

Setting Sliding Scale Fees for Your Therapy Practice: Giving Back and Empowering Clients

As you establish your cash-pay private therapy practice, I highly suggest you carefully consider your session fees. One option to contemplate is offering sliding-scale therapy
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therapist session

Setting Your Fee Up For a Successful Private Practice

As a private practice therapist, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is determining how much to charge for a therapy session. It can
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therapist with years of experience

Why You Need an EIN in Private Practice

Are you thinking of starting a part-time or full-time private practice? As a private practice therapist in California, one of the first steps you’ll need
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