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Group Coaching To Help Therapists Grow A Private Practice In 3 Months

Establish Business Systems to Run Your Practice – Launch Your Website and Marketing – Land Cash Pay Clients Guaranteed

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Do you want to start a private practice but don’t know how or where to start?

If so, this coaching program will set you up with everything you need to start a practice and land clients.

You Struggle to Attract Full Fee Cash Paying Clients

Inconsistent flow of full-fee cash-paying clients makes it difficult to maintain a sustainable practice.

You’re Overwhelmed by the Thought of Managing a Business

Handling business essentials like administration, finances, networking, and marketing distracts from focusing on client care.

You’re not sure how to build a Compelling Website

Creating a website that effectively showcases expertise, attracts potential clients to your page, and converts them into clients seems challenging.

Meet Your Guide

Julia Schwab LMFT, Licensed Therapist Based In Los Angeles

Starting a private practice can be overwhelming. It’s completely normal to have doubts about how to attract clients, maintain financial security, and run a business. I transitioned from agency burnout to a full-time private practice in under six months and I have created a system for you to do it in 3 months.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been helping therapists like you build successful and sustainable private practices. I’ve created a system to get you up and running in 3 months with everything you need to start, maintain, and continue to grow your practice and leap over obstacles and challenges

3 Easy Steps to a Successful Private Practice:

Quick Consultation

Schedule a one-on-one session to determine if our program aligns with your needs and goals.

Enroll in Group Coaching:

In our 12 week curriculum you’ll be guided to establish systems, marketing essentials, and client attraction system that ensures your success in launching your practice.

Land Your Clients

At the end of our program you’ll be equipped with everything you need to have a full fee private practice and a steady stream of clients.

Land in 3 Months

Which road will you choose?

Go at it alone

Join our Crew

What Our Therapists Are Saying

therapist 1

Toby Barron LCSW

Private Practice Therapist


Working with Julia to build my private practice set me up to feel confident about client referrals and business structure. She thought of everything that would never have occurred to me. Now that I’m up and running, all that planning is just constantly showing up as income and stability.

therapist 3

Parsa Noroozian

Registered Psychotherapist


Julia helped me start doing the work that is necessary for developing and maintaining a private psychotherapy practice; beforehand I didn’t know where to begin, but as I took sessions I gradually integrated the business maintenance work into my daily habits and it has been paying its dividends

therapist 2

David Hoxsey LCSW

Medical Social Worker/Therapist


I’ve worked with Julia and received help from her about many things including case consultation and practice recommendations. She is professional, incredibly smart, and she thinks of things I haven’t. I really enjoy talking with her and hearing what she has to say because it’s consistently insightful.


Private Practice Blueprint

Your step by step guide to create a thriving counseling practice from the ground up.

A practice is build one step at a time, take your first step download now.

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