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The Blueprint for Setting Up Your Practice, Marketing Your Business, and Attracting Ideal Clients

In this exclusive masterclass, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the essential steps to launch a wildly successful private practice. Say goodbye to the daunting blank screen and step confidently into the world of entrepreneurship.

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After completing this Free Masterclass You will know how to

The budget to learning your 5 step practice setting up your business and attracting your real clients.
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Toby Barron LCSW

Private Practice Therapist


Working with Julia to build my private practice set me up to feel confident about client referrals and business structure. She thought of everything that would never have occurred to me. Now that I’m up and running, all that planning is just constantly showing up as income and stability.

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Parsa Noroozian

Registered Psychotherapist


Julia helped me start doing the work that is necessary for developing and maintaining a private psychotherapy practice; beforehand I didn’t know where to begin, but as I took sessions I gradually integrated the business maintenance work into my daily habits and it has been paying its dividends

David Hoxsey LCSW

David Hoxsey LCSW

Medical Social Worker/Therapist


I’ve worked with Julia and received help from her about many things including case consultation and practice recommendations. She is professional, incredibly smart, and she thinks of things I haven’t. I really enjoy talking with her and hearing what she has to say because it’s consistently insightful.

Meet Your Guide

Julia Schwab, LMFT, and Private Practice Coach

Launching a private practice can feel overwhelming, with questions about client attraction, financial stability, and business operations. 

I’ve been there too, transitioning from agency burnout to a successful full-time practice in under six months.

For over a decade, I’ve been assisting therapists just like you in building sustainable private practices. I’ve developed a proven system to help you get started in just 3 months. My goal is to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence you need to not only start but maintain and expand your practice while overcoming any challenges that come your way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers regarding my Masterclass.

Who is this masterclass intended for?

This masterclass is intended for therapists and mental health professionals who are looking to launch or grow their private practice.

Is there a fee to attend the masterclass?

No, the masterclass is completely free to attend.

How do I secure my spot for the masterclass?

You can secure your spot for the masterclass by clicking on the “Secure Your Spot” button and registering for free.

Will there be any follow-up resources or support after the masterclass?

Yes, attendees will receive additional resources and support to help them implement the strategies discussed during the masterclass. Additionally, a One of Kind Guide To Conquering Organic Google Search for Private Practice Therapists.

What sets Julia Schwab, LMFT, apart in guiding therapists to launch their private practices?

Julia Schwab, LMFT, is a seasoned private practice therapist in Los Angeles, CA, with over three years of successful practice building experience. Leveraging her expertise, she has mentored numerous therapists, developing a proven system to guide them in launching and sustaining their own thriving practices.

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