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Developing a digital marketing strategy for a therapy practice can be overwhelming. You have to be appealing to potential customers and cater to search engines all while simultaneously being careful of your wording and tone. With social media marketing, there are additional challenges regarding the rules of advertising platforms, and privacy limitations on Google Ads and Facebook.

We have been repeatedly successful in growing practices. We’ve helped practitioners leave their agency jobs and helped established practices get more of their ideal clients.

Aspiring Practitioners

We've helped mental health professionals working at an agency gain enough clients to leave their agency job and transition into a successful private practice.

Individual Practitioner

Struggling to fill your schedule? We've helped individual practitioners get more of their ideal client they want to work with to keep you both busy and successful.


Group practices require a more robust marketing effort and online presence to promote all of your therapists and services. Maintaining a healthy pipeline of therapy clients is critical to your success. We can help.

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Why Should I Market My Private Practice Online

The majority of potential clients today will find you online. Referrals are fantastic, but it’s a channel that’s difficult to scale, especially when you want full-fee private pay clients. This is why online marketing is crucial to your success. Your digital presence must be professional, polished and easy to find on search engines and social media channels. Search engine optimization, social media marketing strategy, content marketing, etc. are all facets of modern marketing that need to work together to help you succeed.

Marketing is important for your business because it:
If this feels like too much, we can help. We have a proven track record of successfully growing practices, including new therapists that are starting their own practice and want to transition from their full-time job, as well as therapists that are on insurance panels and want to transition to full-fee private pay.
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Say it’s hard to plan consistent content that hits their goals.
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Can’t find the time to create content.
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of Small Businesses do not have a marketing plan.

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How We Can Help Your Practice Grow

Search Engine Optimization

Audit and correct SEO errors that will penalize your site on search engines while also implementing any missing components to strengthen your SEO.

Social Media Optimization

Create social media templates, so your brand is appealing, consistent, and recognizable across platforms.

Conversion Tracking

See who your leads are and where they come from for all types of conversions.

Content Creation

Write unique, optimized copy to help you rank for the keywords and semantic keywords your customers are searching.


Implement industry-leading analytics tools to help track growth as well as what initiatives are working and, equally important, the ones that aren’t.


Ensure major advertising platforms like AdWords or Facebook are properly configured to help you maximize your ad dollars.

Search Engine Optimization

Potential clients won’t come to your website if they can’t find it. All search engines look at a variety of factors to determine the sites they recommend on a given query. Items like errors, page load speed, mobile friendliness, content relevance, etc., all matter. We ensure that your website is healthy and optimized on each of these items for the best results.

Website Traffic

Website Health

Social Media Marketing

It’s not optional. All customers expect businesses to have an active social media presence. We’ll create a variety of templates you can use to easily keep your business active on social media and looking fantastic.

Content Creation

Content creation allows you to grow your traffic organically. After all, you don’t pay for traffic forever. We’ll add keyword-optimized content to your site and provide a content roadmap so that you can continue to grow your site with content your customers are searching for.

Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Without analytics and conversion tracking, you can’t know which of your campaigns or lead sources bring you business. Was it your website? Social media? Maybe that directly listing you pay for each month and aren’t sure is even working.

Top Lead Sources

  • Google 53.9%
  • Facebook 21.6%
  • AdWords 14.7%
  • Newsletter 9.8%

Leads by Landing Page

Traffic by Source

Online Advertising

Google and Facebook make it simple to set up and fire an ad campaign. You may have even tried it and then wondered why you didn’t get much out of it. The cost of that simplicity is effectiveness. We’ll help you define target audiences and keywords and set up the ads properly so that it’s both simple and effective when you decide to launch them.

Need a Professional Website?

Today, a professional, user-friendly, mobile-ready website is mandatory. More than just a digital business card, your website is critical to your search engine success and earning the visibility required for a healthy stream of leads.

Receive 20% off your new website when ordered with the Launch Bundle.

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Launch BundleFrequently Asked Questions

The way people see your business online by reading reviews, interacting on social media, reading news articles, or other information makes up your online reputation.

Managing your online reputation isn’t necessarily difficult, but you have to know what activities will deliver the most value. For a local business requesting reviews and responding to reviews are critical. Also, how you engage with your local community can be just as important.

While we cannot erase all the negative content, comments, and online reviews from the Internet, we certainly can work to attract as many positive reviews as possible to speak on behalf of your business online.

Over the last several years, there has been a huge spike in “near me” searches.

For example, “service + “near me.”

More and more people rely on Google Maps and other map platforms to help them find products and services that will solve their problems.

When people find your business, do they get a good first impression or run away?

Online reputation management can help your business reach more customers and close more deals. It can also helps you give a positive first impression, convert more customers, it shows customers you care, improves your online rankings, increases your customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Negative reviews or brand mentions on the Internet can negatively impact both sales and reputation. It could make you lose a potential customer. A negative brand mention can escalate into a continuous risk for customers, so it is critically important for your company to have an excellent online reputation strategy to handle any review. Failing to do so allows your customers to consider doing business with your competitors.

Brands can improve their online reputation management by being on the lookout and acting quickly. This can entail monitoring any mentions of your brand across social media, blog postings, and forums. If you find any negative comments surrounding your brand or products, it is important to respond promptly to avoid letting anything get out of hand. Happy customers are encouraged to leave positive reviews. To improve, you’ll need to: 

  • Track all your social media profiles and Google
  • Take time to make a friendly and thoughtful reply to all customer reviews
  • Approach any negative experience by apologizing for poor service may help you retain the client.
  • Have an effective SEO Strategy

Online reputation management is all about assuring a company’s public image, brand, or product has the best and most positive reputation regardless of competition or popularity. There are many ways to achieve this. You must optimize your website through relevant content creation to rank higher on search engines to gain an excellent online presence. 

You should ask happy customers or clients for reviews. However, the number one place you want positive reviews is Google. Using an online reputation management tool can ease the process of getting and showing your customers’ reviews and can be part of an efficient strategy.